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The smallest hotel in the world, an iconic tourist attraction that won recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records, is located on a small volcanic island in Spain: El Hierro. For a long time, this hotel has been the hidden gem for those looking for a unique accommodation experience; and although news recently hit the press that this tiny hotel on El Hierro was closing its doors for good by the end of this year, a wave of unexpected support has changed the course of its history… for good. 😊

📍 Location

For those unfamiliar with this unique hotel, El Hierro is the smallest and westernmost island of the Canary Islands. 🏝️ Right here, where the Atlantic Ocean seems to meet the end of the world, you will find the world’s smallest hotel on El Hierro: the Punta Grande Hotel, a charming and picturesque little stone hotel on the edge of the sea, offering its visitors unparalleled panoramic views and the intoxicating sensation of almost floating between the sky and the waves.

🏨 Main features

With only four rooms, this establishment offers an intimacy and exclusivity rarely found in the hotel world. Each room, with ocean views and unique details, is designed to offer a unique experience. It is more than just a hotel accommodation: it is a refuge, a sanctuary for those seeking to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with themselves, spending unforgettable days in a place where intimacy and personal and close treatment are the norm.

But it’s not just its size that makes it special. Its traditional architecture, detailed décor and, of course, its unique location make it a magical place. The constant roar of the waves, the salty tang in the air and the glow of the sun setting over the horizon… it’s a natural spectacle that few places can match. 🌅

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📜 History of this small corner of the El Hierro island

Hotel Punta Grande is not only known for being the smallest hotel in the world; its history makes it a cultural treasure in the heart of the Atlantic. Its history dates back to 1830, when the building was built as a fisherman’s house under the name of Casa de Las Puntas. However, it took its present form at the end of the 19th century, when the Hamilton family came from New Guinea and bought the old fisherman’s house, adding a first floor to it.

The building did not originally house tourists, but served as a strategic embarkation point for trade, mainly with agricultural products, and was also the island’s first customs office. El Hierro, although a small island, was a vital link in the exchange of goods within the Canary Islands archipelago. With the construction of the Port of La Estaca in the 20th century, the customs house closed and the building was abandoned. A few years later it was bought by a private individual who restored the building and converted it into a private house.

In the 1960s, with the boom in foreign tourism, the place became the first discotheque of El Hierro, and later a restaurant. It was in the 1970s that it was finally transformed into a hotel, and in 1984 it achieved its deserved fame with its inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest hotel in the world. The Punta Grande Hotel, which changed owners in 2018 (until then it was run by Lamberto and Britta Wagner), has since then been witnessed of countless sunrises, storms, love stories and adventures. 🌅🏝️

Guinness World Record hotel in El Hierro

🌱 Last chance to see the smallest hotel in the world?

Last July the news hit the media: David Nahmias, the current owner, announced the closure of the hotel at the end of 2023, lamenting the lack of adequate access to it, and after having been subjected to some acts of vandalism. The information spread like wildfire, and many feared the worst, thinking that this would be the last chance to visit this special place, despite the owner’s assurances that he would continue preserving the building, located on a lava tongue and declared as a Cultural Interest Asset.

At the beginning of last September, however, the good news arrived: after numerous support from the people of El Hierro, and from all Canary Islanders and lovers of this jewel, the owner announced that the Punta Grande hotel in El Hierro will continue welcoming guests and sharing its magic. The community came together, proving that sometimes, the popular voice can make a difference. 🌟 “The Canarians have raised their voices, from all the islands, and many of you have come and begged and encouraged us to keep it open,” David explained.

🕰️ It’s time to discover the Punta Grande Hotel

Far from being a farewell, this is therefore an appeal to those who have not yet experienced the magic of Punta Grande Hotel. Now, with the future looking brighter than ever, it’s the perfect time to discover it. But don’t be overconfident; although it is no longer in danger of closing, its popularity continues growing… And bookings are flying!

The smallest hotel in the world on El Hierro is more than accommodation: it’s a piece of history, an experience, and a living, recent testimony about all the things that Canarian people can achieve when they come together. Are you ready to be part of its history? 🌊🏠

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