Gofio: the gastronomic gold of the Canary Islands 🌾🌴

gofio from the Canary Islands
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If you are passionate about tourism and are considering a visit to the lush Canary Islands, there is one element of their culinary culture that you need to know about: Canarian gofio. This delicious wonder is not just a food, but a symbol of history and tradition. Join me on this gastronomic journey and discover why Canarian gofio is a must on your next visit to the Canaries.

Origins of Canarian gofio 🧐

To understand the importance of gofio in Canarian culture, we must first travel back in time. Before the Spanish conquest in the 15th century, the Canary Islands were inhabited by the Guanches, an aboriginal people with a rich history and tradition. Canarian gofio has its roots in these ancient inhabitants of the islands.

The Guanches prepared a kind of toasted flour from various cereals, mainly barley and wheat. As time went by, and with the introduction of corn by the conquistadors, gofio began to be made from this cereal as well.

Today, Canarian gofio has transcended the barriers of time and continues to be an essential ingredient on the table of Canarian families, representing the strength and resistance of its people 🌾.

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How is Canarian gofio prepared? 🔥🥣

The production of gofio is a simple but traditional process. The selected cereals (wheat, maize or barley) are slowly toasted in special ovens, giving them a characteristic aroma and a slightly smoky flavour. Once toasted, the grains are ground in stone mills until a fine flour is obtained.

It is important to note that gofio preserves all the nutritional properties of the cereals, as neither the germ nor the husk is removed during its preparation.

Canarian gofio mill, in the Canary Islands

What is gofio used for? 🥘🍞

Gofio is a wild card in Canarian cuisine. It is surprisingly versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes, both sweet and savoury.

  • Escaldón de gofio: one of the most traditional dishes. Gofio is mixed with broth (it can be fish or meat) until a soft dough is obtained. It is often accompanied with onion, garlic and peppers.
  • Kneaded gofio: it is mixed with water, oil and nuts, and kneaded until it has a texture similar to that of bread. It is commonly seen in fiestas and traditional celebrations.
  • Breakfast: many Canarians add a spoonful of gofio to milk or yoghurt in the morning, to give them energy to start the day 🌞.
  • Baking: yes, you read that right! Gofio is also used in desserts, such as ice cream, mousses and cakes.
  • Stews and soups: It is common to add a little gofio to these dishes to thicken them and give them a more robust flavour.

Main dishes in Canary Islands with gofio 🍲🍰

Canarian gofio is the main ingredient in various preparations. Here are a few that you can’t miss:

  • Gofio mousse: a soft and sweet preparation, ideal for dessert lovers. Gofio is mixed with cream and sugar, and can be decorated with local fruit.
  • Pellas de gofio: small balls of gofio kneaded with honey, nuts or even chocolate. An energetic and delicious snack 🍫🍯.
  • Gofio escaldado: a traditional Canarian preparation where gofio is mixed with hot stock (fish or meat) until a soft dough is obtained, often accompanied with onion, garlic and peppers. 🍲🌴

Visiting the Canary Islands is to immerse yourself in a universe of traditions, landscapes and flavours. Canary gofio is not just a foodstuff, it is a sample of the Guanche legacy and the rich history of this islands. When you find yourself in front of the majestic Mount Teide or relaxing on the beaches of Fuerteventura, don’t forget to enjoy a good dish with gofio, the true flavour of the Canary Islands. Enjoy your meal! 😋

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