New Year in the Canary Islands: ideas and destinations for a special night 🥂 🏝️

New Year in the Canary Islands
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If you want to spend a different New Year’s Eve in a unique atmosphere, no doubt you are one of the many who, as the last days of December approach, are thinking of spending the New Year in the Canary Islands: in that case you are probably wondering where to celebrate New Year in the Canaries, and what plans to make to spend that special night. So grab pencil and paper (or your mobile phone), and start jotting down ideas for a memorable New Year’s Eve in the Canary Islands.

What to do on New Year in the Canary Islands: 11 ideas 🎉

Say goodbye to the year on the beach 🏖️

Celebrating New Year’s Eve on the beaches of the Canary Islands is an ideal and cheap option. This tradition, which is gaining popularity every year, consists of taking grapes and some beverages to the beach. Friends and families gather on the sand, enjoying the sea breeze and the sound of the waves while waiting for midnight. It’s a simple but very special way to welcome the New Year, with the sea as a backdrop. Try it!!

Celebrate in a hotel 🏨

Hotels in the Canary Islands offer complete New Year’s Eve packages, including gala dinners, parties and accommodation. These celebrations come at different prices, so probably you´ll find one that suits your budget, and in return you’ll enjoy a night out without having to worry about how to get home… because you sleep a few floors upstairs! From modest hotels to the most luxurious, each one offers its own special touch to say goodbye to the year.

Party with friends 🎉

For those looking for a more personalised experience, organising a private party with friends is an excellent option. It is common at this time of year for groups of people to rent spaces or commercial premises to create their own New Year’s Eve party. It’s a great way to say goodbye to the year in good company, at an affordable price, and knowing what you’re eating… and drinking.

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Parties and nightclubs 🕺

Macro parties and discos are another popular choice among young people in the Canary Islands on New Year. These events offer live music, DJs, and an energetic atmosphere. Tickets usually include several drinks or even an open bar (if you can get to the bar…); many pubs also offer live music. In short, if you don’t want to organise anything and you like parties, this shall be your choice.

Gourmet dinner 🍽️

For lovers of fine dining and gourmet food, the Canary Islands offer New Year’s Eve dinners in high-end restaurants. These establishments prepare special menus that may include exquisite dishes such as sea bass, lobster or suckling pig, accompanied by a selection of drinks. It’s a way of saying goodbye to the year in style and with high cuisine… and of course, it’s even better if you are in good company.

Farewell to the year on a boat ⛵

Another very interesting idea that is gaining popularity every year is to say goodbye to the year on board a boat: it is undoubtedly a unique experience with the sea as a backdrop. Specialised companies offer all-inclusive catamaran and sailing boat rentals: dinner, party on board and all kinds of drinks. It is a different and exciting way to welcome the New Year; but remember that, although this is the Canary Islands, it also gets cold at night, so it is advisable to bring some warm clothes.

Touring the islands 🌍

Taking advantage of the end-of-year holidays to travel is an attractive idea, and if your destination is the Canary Islands, it is doubly attractive. You can take a few days off and make the most of them visiting some of the larger islands, such as Tenerife or Gran Canaria, or visiting the eastern islands or the so-called “green islands“, depending on your preferences. Where you’ll celebrate New Year’s Eve… that’s up to you, or to improvisation.

In a rural house 🌄

Rural houses offer a New Year’s Eve in a peaceful atmosphere and in contact with nature. This option is ideal for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the big parties, and enjoy a more intimate and relaxed celebration. Prices vary according to the size and amenities of the house, but there is a wide range on offer so you surely will find an option that meets your requests. Just book in advance, because it is a very popular option to say goodbye to the new year.

Adults only 💑 

If you want to spend a special and intimate evening, some hotels and restaurants in the Canary Islands offer exclusive plans for adults on New Year’s Eve: they are perfect for couples looking for a romantic night. They usually include special dinners, entertainment and accommodation for the night, even in a VIP suite. All in a more serene atmosphere and, of course, without the presence of children.

New Year’s Eve with children 👪

Of course, there are also options for families in the hotels and restaurants of the islands, which take advantage of these days to offer special activities and menus for children. These options allow adults to enjoy the party, while children also have fun with activities especially designed for them.

New Year’s Eve with the family 🏡

Finally, another idea for spending New Year’s Eve is to stay at home: it’s the cheapest and most familiar alternative, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring – far from it. Families take the opportunity to prepare special dinners, get together and catch up, which tends to be especially emotional if one of their most beloved members lives abroad and returns home to spend this special occasion with the family.

New Year in the Canaries

Where to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Canaries 🥳

Answering this question is not easy, because the truth is that each island has its own charm, with the big islands being ideal for those looking for big parties and crowds, and the less populated islands for those who prefer to enjoy a more relaxed Christmas and New Year’s Eve. So, these are the most common destinations for New Year’s Eve in the Canary Islands.

Tenerife 🌋

Make the most of your New Year holidays in the Canaries, and say goodbye to the year on a beach of volcanic sands in Tenerife. Enjoy marine nature with excursions to see dolphins, turtles and whales. The Teide National Park, as the island’s most popular destination, is the ideal place to start the year in the Canary Islands. Celebrating the New Year at the Parador Nacional or in one of the island’s rural houses is a unique and almost mystical experience, with the opportunity to be on the highest mountain in Spain on 1 January, and enjoy a spectacular sky.

Gran Canaria 🏝️

Celebrate the last hours of the year on Maspalomas Beach. Imagine yourself lying on a Balinese bed, surrounded by gardens and the sound of the sea in the background. Another popular option is the famous Playa del Inglés beach, an excellent choice for families and couples. The city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with its warm climate and urban beaches, is another outstanding destination where you will also find all kinds of parties, events and celebrations.

Lanzarote 🏖️

Playa del Papagayo, in the south of the island, has been left untouched by tourism and urban development and remains a haven of natural beauty and privacy, ideal for an intimate New Year’s Eve experience during your New Year holidays in the Canary Islands. In addition, Lanzarote is an island famous for its volcanic landscapes that offer a unique atmosphere, and where you absolutely will find all kinds of options to welcome the new year: from an intimate dinner at the famous Jameos del Agua cave, to a party in a nightclub in Arrecife or Puerto del Carmen.

Fuerteventura 🌊

Known as the “beach of the Canaries”, the island of Fuerteventura is perfect for lovers of surfing and water activities. 🏄‍♂️ The Natural Park of the Corralejo Dunes is an absolutely stunning place to start the year in a very special way, either with your couple or with friends, toasting by the sea. You can also stay in one of the Fuerteventura hotels in Corralejo or in Morro Jable, and from there visit the beautiful beaches of the island and choose where you want to say goodbye to the year.

As you can see, celebrating the New Year in the Canary Islands can be an unforgettable experience, and although many choose the beaches of Gran Canaria or the spectacular celebrations in Tenerife, the other islands also offer more intimate and relaxed celebrations to spend that very special night. So, what are you waiting for? Welcome the new year in the coolest way!! ☺️☀️🥂

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